DJI Mavic 2 Pro

Product Description

Even more perfect drone

The DJI Mavic Pro is the newest quadcopter designed with travel in mind. Unusual design and perfect dimensions will allow you to take it with you wherever you want. It will impress even the most experienced pilots with its functions and capabilities. See for yourself what it can do.

Security is the key

DJI Mavic is primarily an intelligent system with an implemented obstacle avoidance system (known from the Phantom 4). It is equipped with 5 camera-sensors which constantly monitor the surroundings of the Mavic. GPS supported by the GLONASS system provides excellent stabilization and ultra-accurate information about the current position.
Movies unlike any other

The Mavic is a small but powerful device. Create amazing video recordings and aerial photos, and the image stability will be ensured by a three-axis gimbal. Thanks to the DJI GO app, you have access to all flight functions, camera parameters and live image viewing on your smartphone in HD quality. Its range is as much as 4 km.
Speed ​​and precision

Reach blazing speeds while being in full control. DJI Mavic in Sport mode can move up to 65 km / h, but it is still extremely easy to control and extremely stable in the air. The camera with which the Mavic is equipped will allow us to record in 4K quality, as well as create amazing 12-megapixel photos. The camera can create Adobe DNG RAW files, which will facilitate professional processing.
Improved control apparatus

The control apparatus included in the set provides full control over the ship. In combination with a smartphone (the maximum length is 160 mm and the recommended thickness is 6.5-8.5 mm) we have access to live view from the camera in HD quality. You can also control the apparatus itself (without a smartphone) or the smartphone itself. For the set, we can buy FPV goggles from DJI that will provide us with an unforgettable experience. First-person view in FULL HD quality will give you an unforgettable experience! The goggles connect to the Mavic either wirelessly or via a cable.
Play time extended

DJI Mavic has a specially designed Intelligent Flight Battery. It allows for a flight of approximately 23 minutes. Additional batteries will effectively extend the flight time. The battery charging time is approximately 1.5 hours. The DJI Mavic has many useful functions. One of them is keeping a constant altitude above the ground in the follow me mode, thanks to which, when hiking in the mountains, the created video will be constantly focused on you.