DJI Phantom 2 Vision

Product Description

This model is a vertical take-off drone with a Full HD camera. The Phantom 2 Vision has the Naza-M + GPS autopilot system which allows for stable flight of the device. All the parameters of the Phantom 2 Vision have been programmed and tuned by the manufacturer’s engineers before the machine leaves the factory, making it ready for over 25 minutes of flight right out of the box. DJI Phantom 2 VISION has a direct Wi-Fi connection with your smartphone, thanks to which you can view the image from the on-board camera and control flight parameters from a distance of up to 300m (in open space).

Phantom 2 Vision is a small, lightweight vertical take-off drone with a Full HD camera and an anti-vibration system that allows you to record a stable image. The second generation of the drone is equipped with an enlarged battery by 5200mAh which allows for a flight lasting up to 25 minutes. This model is equipped with advanced flight control systems and GPS positioning, so that in the event of detecting a low battery or loss of the control signal, the machine can land by itself or return to a programmed place and then land.

The used flight control systems, such as NAZA-M, built-in GPS allows for very precise control and hovering of the drone in the air, so that the user can focus, for example, on framing a photo or video without fear of damaging the machine as a result of a fall. Through the system of LEDs installed in the Phantom 2 Vision, the user has immediate information about the battery status, range or GPS signal level of the device.

The Phantom 2 Vision model also allows communication with a smartphone (after installing the appropriate application) via WiFi, thanks to which the user can control the camera’s staff or flight parameters on an ongoing basis. WiFi range in open space is up to 300 meters.