DJI Phantom 3 Advanced

DJI Phantom 3 Advanced Video in 1080P HD (Full HD)

12Mpix photos

Three-axis image stabilization

Live view in HD quality

Dedicated controller

Advanced control and preview applicatio Precise GPS system

Vision Positioning for indoor flying

Very easy to fly

Product Description

The latest installment of the popular DJI drone series. The device uses the GLONASS system, which allows for even more accurate position determination. The drone is equipped with a camera recording video in 1080p resolution, without the fisheye effect. AMAZING VIDEO FROM THE AIR The DJI Phantom 3 quadrocopter allows you to easily record video from an amazing aerial perspective. Thanks to the camera recording in 1080p resolution, the user can get an extremely clear image. Mounting the camera on a three-axis, stabilized gimbal allows you to freely choose the recording perspective. The viewing angle of the camera is 94 degrees. 12MP shooting is also possible.


Controlling the Phantom 3 is extremely simple and intuitive. The drone responds to the user’s commands in such a way as to ensure the safest flight possible. The new controller has a button that, when pressed, the drone automatically returns to the starting point. It reacts similarly when the battery level is low. The Phantom 3 then automatically returns to its starting point. The new charger allows you to charge the battery faster. The Visual Positioning system allows for easier control of the aircraft without GPS functionality.