ACAS – Advanced Catalog Analitic System

We’ve been working on ACAS for many months, but we finally made it. Our professional analytical engine allows you to scan products from other websites and give you the results of which product is the best.

What is ACAS

ACAS is our most advanced data analysis engine. It has been prepared by our team of analysts and IT specialists in recent years. The system has been programmed to obtain the best possible results. ACAS scans about 102,403 pages per minute and after 5 minutes I give a report. ACAS uses the latest technology which gives 99% system accuracy. ACAS is designed to search for as many results as possible in the shortest possible time

Why do we need ACAS

We have a catalog of drones on our website. We want to know which drones are the best and which to put in our catalog as the most important. We will use ACAS for this purpose.
Thanks to him, our catalog will have even more models but the best quality! ACAS has also been programmed to search for other data such as the most searched words in search engines or the number of visitors to our website and matching them with the drone model they searched earlier

How our silkik stands out from the competition
ACAS works on the latest FlowDrones A.R.T.U.M system. A system that allows data transmission up to 5GB. This system is distinguished by precision and speed of operation. It is not only an analytical tool but a machine that can evaluate what product should be allocated to this person. ACAS Analitic System does not require large server rooms and one small server is able to analyze 55,430 pages per minute! An absolutely fantastic result. Therefore, our engine is the best and has no equal among concretions.


The disadvantage of ACAS is the high network load during data analysis. We use a 5G network for this purpose with a capacity of 1 GB per second. And so the whole internet slows down after starting ACAS
Another disadvantage is the long starting time of the engine. It is even 30 minutes because it activates all its functions and reserves memory for myself. However, in the next version of ACASA, it will be possible to adjust the start of the engine, which will allow you to set which function to activate and which to leave.
For now we have 15 computers with ACASEM installed but this will change because ACAS V2 will use less memory and will be more efficient. But for now we have to use what we have

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