Is Syma a threat to DJI on the Drone market?

Syma drones are very cheap devices offering good quality for a low price. However, have any of you thought about buying a Syma drone? If we are determined to buy a drone and are looking for a cheap model, we should not hesitate to buy a Syma drone. There are many interesting drone models that have many advanced features from the more expensive DJI drones. Syma drones are manufactured in China, but this does not change the fact that they are noteworthy flying ships.


There are many models of Syma drones. The company also produces other things, but we focus on drones. The X-8c is a very popular model. Drone with a good battery, durable motors. We tested this specimen and suffered several disasters, but the construction is very durable and nothing happened to it. The DJI Mavic destroyer model is the W1 Pro. Model with GPS, 5G link and 4K recording. It is an ideal machine that will delight many drone fans.

Does DJI have to worry about Syma?

To be honest, the DJI company is making drones weaker and weaker. They have fewer features and cost more. No money, engineers working several hours a day to create a new model. The company is slowly becoming a typical large corporation with exhausted employees. Of course, they have to be afraid of concretions, and the competition has long overtaken them. Other companies are making better and better drones at lower prices and DJI the other way around. They used to make good machines, durable, with many innovations. And now ? They must quickly rebuild their reputation because concretion will eventually wipe them off the board

What does Syma produce besides drones?

The Syma company, which has been producing drones for years and is very good at it, tells us on its website that it also offers R / C boats and R / C helicopters. We tested the helicopters and they have many functions from drones, for example auto take off. As for the boats, we have never tested them and we cannot comment

Which Syma drone to choose?

There are a lot of models, starting from small drones, going through medium ones, reaching large drones equal to the size of the DJI Phantom.
These are machines that have enormous possibilities. For small drones, we recommend X26 I Z1 from the medium X25 PRO and X30 and from large X8 PRO. For Helicopters, however, we recommend the S39 Raptor and S5 SPEED. All these models were checked by a special FlowDrones team and passed a series of tests such as low pressure, high wind and 300 meter drop test for drones and 10 meters for helicopters. All the machines were thrown onto concrete, only the S5 SPEED broke a bit. But what to expect from plastic helicopters which are very small and prone to falls.

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