The best model are the Phantom 4 drone
The other models are not recommended
I have tried many models of drones but the Phantom 4 is the best for me for this very reason…
The Phantom 4 is based on an original German drone model of 1939…
If possible you should use a Phantom 4 model if there is a model with similar design…
What about the GPS?

You can purchase the latest generation version Phantom 4 for the same prices as the Mavic 1 from ebay or any other online shop that offers the drone models. It is a very easy to operate model.
The drone is a fun toy that allows us to do many things

Phantom 4 is a very good drone that offers powerful engines that, combined with a light structure, give amazing results. The Phantom 4 can reach speeds of up to 100 km / h. This is not a similar result for a drone. However, this drone costs a lot, but it does not determine its capabilities. If you paid for the opportunities it would be more expensive.

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