Syma W1 Pro

Product Description

W1 Pro is the new and most technologically advanced drone from Syma

The drone has been equipped with two cameras, the front one that records the image in 4K quality and the lower one that allows for 720p quality. Numerous attractive features such as Follow Mode, Waypoint Flight, Gesture Control, Vision Positioning and much more. What’s more, Syma X1 Pro has no-vice modes, which allows you to set up a virtual fence, for which the drone will not fly away, making it also suitable for beginners.

Brushless motor produces less noise, also allows smoother operation as well as longer battery life. However, its main advantage is higher durability and reliability in any situation. Thanks to the system that allows you to return the drone with one click, you do not have to worry about losing it due to improper control. When you lose sight of it, simply click the quick return icon and the drone can return to you.