Syma X25 Pro

Product Description

The modern and easy-to-use Syma X25 PRO drone is the perfect equipment, especially for beginner lovers of quadrocopters and filming. Relatively numerous additional functions will facilitate and make the use of the drone easier. The most important advantages of the Syma X25 PRO drone are the simplicity of control, maneuverability and the ability to take good quality photos and videos. After purchase, the drone is immediately ready to fly (Ready To Fly).

SYMA X25 PRO drone description

The smoothness and high precision of the Syma X25 PRO drone is enabled by a modern, four-channel 2.4 GHz transmitter. This frequency completely ensures stable communication with the quadcopter and its quick response to commands. To pilot the Syma X25 PRO drone, we can also use a smartphone after downloading the dedicated Syma Fly application. You can attach the smartphone to the controller with a special holder.

Drone SYMA X25 PRO controller

The drone’s flight range is up to 70 meters. The model is characterized by high stability in flight, and it reacts to controller commands instantly. It can develop quite high speed. The Auto-takeoff and Auto-landing functions further improve the comfort of use. The air craftsmanship of the Syma X25 PRO drone is impressive – it is helped by the 360-degree acrobatics function, which allows you to perform sails and turns.

SYMA X25 PRO drone flight

The safe flight of the Syma X25 PRO drone in various conditions is influenced by the 6-axis flight stabilizer (gyroscope), which ensures stability in every phase of the flight. While maintaining stability and increasing controllability, it is additionally accompanied by a compass and a barometric sensor, which neutralizes the so-called quadrocopter swimming effect.

SYMA X25 PRO drone stabilizer

The Syma X25 PRO drone is also protected against sudden falls: the LED sensor system signals a decrease in energy, and when it reaches a critical level, the model lands automatically. In the event of loss of communication with the drone or a drop in battery power to a certain value, the model will return to the transmitter itself thanks to GPS.

SYMA X25 PRO led drone

The Syma X25 PRO drone has a camera that allows you to take photos and videos in high quality HD 720p. Wi-Fi transmission and FPV function will allow the modeler to view the image in real time on the smartphone screen. Image stability is significantly improved by a 6-axis gyroscope and a barometric sensor.

SYMA X25 PRO drone camera

The “Syma Fly” application allows the modeller, among others to look at the world through the drone’s “eye” and to change the camera’s angle of inclination by 90 °. An alternative is also the preview of the model route that works with the GPS function. The GPS function allows you to set the model at any height, which will make it easier to take movies and photos without the need for constant control, as well as to program the route along the landmarks.

GPS also allows you to use the application function – tracking the drone’s route. On the other hand, the “GO” button will make the drone begin to circle above the operator if the model is further than 10 meters, and pressing “GO” again will make the drone follow the operator.

SYMA X25 PRO gps drone

Protection against electromagnetic interference allows you to fly the Syma X25 PRO drone even near various sources of interference. The overload protection will protect the drive system from overheating, because in the event of overload, blockage or contact with an obstacle, it will automatically shut down the motors.

In turn, the low battery voltage warning system will signal the automatic landing of the Syma X25 PRO drone. Special covers protect the rotor blades from damage in the event of contact with an obstacle or falling.

SYMA X25 PRO drone flight safety

Lithium-polymer battery with a voltage of 7.4 V and a capacity of 1000 mAh powers the four motors and LED lighting of the Syma X25 PRO drone. A fully charged battery lasts approximately 12 minutes. The charging time with the USB charger is approximately 150 minutes. Four 1.5V AA batteries are required to power the remote controller.

SYMA X25 PRO drone battery

High-quality plastics in the predominant white color, used to build the Syma X25 PRO drone, and its construction guarantee high durability. The propellers are also resistant to damage, slightly flexible and additionally protected by covers.