DJI Phantom 3 4K

Product Description

The Phantom 3 4K is the Phantom 3 Standard with a 4K camera

The Phantom 3 4K drone is a version of the Phantom 3 Standard drone equipped with a Sony Exmor R 4K (UltraHD 4096x2160p) camera, identical to the one in the Phantom 3 Professional drone. Intuitive control system, great built-in camera, HD 720p live view and much more, the Phantom 3 4K will give you everything you need to fly.
Automatic flight assistant

Control the Phantom 3 4K with freedom and confidence knowing that the drone will return to you after pressing the return button. Built-in GPS checks and remembers the Phantom 3 4K’s launch point during flight. If you use the return function or the drone loses range, your drone will fly back to the home point.

The Phantom 3 4K remains stable and under your control throughout the flight. After taking off, it automatically stabilizes the flight and hovers over the take-off place waiting for your command. By using the controller, you control the drone with two fingers, if you want to keep it in the air, simply release the controls – the drone will be stably waiting for further instructions.

UltraHD camera in the drone

Record the moments you want to remember forever and share unforgettable moments with your friends. The Sony Exmor R camera in the Phantom 3 4K gives you the ability to view, record and take pictures of events from a new perspective. You can film sporting events, landscapes, parties or just your neighborhood thanks to the built-in 12 megapixel 4K UHD camera.
Great photos and videos

The built-in camera allows you to record videos in 4k UHD resolution, i.e. 4096x2160p, 30 frames per second. You can also record in Full HD 1080p, at 60 frames per second. You can take photos thanks to a 12 megapixel camera that records in JPEG or DNG RAW format, which look great when viewed on a digital device and printed. The f / 2.8 lens is optimized for aerial photography, thanks to which you will achieve an inspiring result. The 3-axis gimbal holds the camera in the perfect position, eliminating vibrations, and you take beautiful and stable shots every flight. You can find out more about the technical specifications at the bottom of the page.
Accurate, clean photos

The Phantom 3 4K is equipped with a lens with 94⁰ field of view, especially for top-down shots, so the image is clear, distortion-free and there is no side distortion.
Supreme control

With the controller built specifically for the Phantom 3 4K, full control of the drone is in your hands. Precision sticks are used to control the drone, and a special knob allows you to control the camera in the vertical axis. The controller has a built-in battery and a phone holder. It all makes flying easy and safe.
Live view

See what your Phantom 3 4K camera sees. Live image in HD 720p resolution is sent to your phone. The drone produces its own wi-fi network to transmit the camera image in real time. Frame your shots, see the world from above, and see everything in a new perspective.
Unique mobile applications

Take photos and record videos with one click, change camera settings and view live images from the Phantom 3 4K with the DJI GO app. Check flight parameters in real time. Edit videos by adding music and text to them and change their style. Train on an interactive drone simulator. View flight logs and check the route on the map. Share your flights with others and get help for users. You can do this thanks to the integrated application from DJI.
Fly for up to 25 minutes on a single battery

Thanks to the patented DJI Intelligent Flight Battery, you can fly longer, up to 25 minutes on a single battery. The battery will tell you how long you can fly based on distance and altitude. It will also alert you when it’s time to land. This information is sent in real time to the DJI GO app on your phone. Charging is quick and easy, bright LED lights show charging status and current battery status. The plastic cover avoids damage, and intelligent sensors extend battery life.
Range up to 1 kilometer

Thanks to the use of a highly efficient 5.8GHz transmission frequency, the maximum range of the Phantom 3 4K is up to 1 kilometer. Feel the freedom and comfort of flying further distances, take amazing photos and videos thanks to shots inaccessible to others.
Safe flight zone

You can define the maximum flight altitude and distance, thus creating a safe flying zone. The Phantom 3 4K will stop automatically when it reaches the limit and won’t fly any further. The choice of the limit depends on you, you can change it freely.

During each flight, your Phantom 3 4K sends its location information to a map on your phone. Use the map to see exactly where your drone is located and to choose the direction of flight or return to the starting point.