Syma X15W

Product Description

The X15W quadcopter is an excellent choice for all those who are looking for a universal model that can fly in any place and conditions. Light construction and small size make it possible to take it with you almost everywhere!

The design of the model makes it very resistant to falls and collisions – all thanks to the high-quality materials used. The flexible material from which the rotor blades are made makes them very durable, and the risk of breakage is negligible. Thanks to wind resistance, the model works well indoors and outdoors.

Syma X15W has a 6-axis stabilization system (gyroscope), which makes the machine agile and agile, and at the same time very stable in flight. The hover function ensures extraordinary stability and ease of control, thanks to which both beginner and more advanced pilots will feel the joy of flying this model. Strong LED diodes not only look attractive, but also ensure a comfortable flight in the dark.

The control is carried out using a professional and modern 4-channel 2.4GHz transmitter using Spread Spectrum Technology (SST), which makes the range much greater, and the response to control is 100 times faster than in the case of traditional remotes with a frequency of 27/40 MHz.

Syma X15W, apart from simple flying in every direction, can perform real air acrobatics, incl. upheavals, spirals and “barrel rolling”. You only need to press one of the assigned function buttons on the transmitter and select the direction in which the trick is to be performed. Thanks to wireless technology and a wide range of the controller with a frequency of 2.4 GHz, the reaction of the model to the signal is immediate. Anti-jamming protection allows you to control many planes at the same time.