Drones in Italy – What do you need to know? How to make money using drones?

Many people living in Italy wonder how to start their adventure with drones and what they should know about the local drone community. In this article, I will try to explain it to you

What drones are used for in Italy

Drones in Italy are used for many purposes. One of them is city monitoring which makes it easier to spot vandals who are destroying their surroundings. it is a very useful solution that was invented a few years ago, it is very innovative. Drones are also used by the police. Which of the drones issues fines. such a solution exists in many European countries but in Italy it is very popular on a very large scale.

Drone law from Italy
Drone law in Italy is a bit specific. Indicative for this are regulations that prohibit flying a drone at night from flying over crowds during events or concerts and when piloting the drone, the operator must have direct contact with the device. any drone that soars over Italian airspace must be registered and marked with a special label.

What drone to fly in Italy?

Mountains and hills predominate in Italy. Therefore, there is a strong wind near the mountains, so you should consider buying a drone weighing more than 1 kg, so the wind will not sweep it around. In urban areas, a light drone, up to 500g, will be a better idea.

A light drone will be easier to control, but in stronger winds it will be more difficult to control. If an object or vehicle is damaged, the damage will be less than if hit by a heavy drone. The drone should have a permit to fly in our country and meet the relevant requirements. We recommend drones up to 250g, such as the DJI Mavic Mini or DJI Spark. Very light drones with GPS and various interesting options. The camera in these drones is of the highest quality and the best in its price.

Special Drones

Special drones can be called devices that are used to perform professional activities, for example at work. Drones are used in many fields of work, for example the police use to issue tickets and surveyors to measure the ground. Filming the celebrations of concerts or other mass events is considered work.

Therefore, in order to obtain a permit to earn money from a drone, you must obtain special permissions and register our machine. Thanks to such activities, we will be able to earn money from our drone and this way we develop a career path.

Help to Cities

Cities are increasingly looking for drone users who have the appropriate qualifications and professional equipment. Dot one of such activities to help cities is to treat houses or factories to chimneys with a drone with a special smog sensor and then transfer this data to city offices. in this way, we will earn additional money that we can spend on improving our machine or buying a new one.

Some cities that do not have the money to buy drones for the police, rent them from private users. They then equip them with a camera and begin their ministry. This is an easy way to earn money, but then we do not have our machine and we cannot provide services to other people.

Future deliveries using drones

Many of us have heard about cases of delivering parcels using drones, but not everyone knows that we can do it ourselves, receiving the appropriate permission from the city and the courier company we work for. On many sites with drone accessories, we can buy a so-called drop module for many drone models. the dump module is very easy to use but more difficult to install in our drone.

The system works by grasping the object and then loosening the pincers that hold the object. Unfortunately, there are not enough drones to introduce permanent deliveries using these devices, we will still have to receive parcels from couriers, but this will change in the near future.

RTK drones – the future of Geodesy

RTK systems used in geodesy, we have already spoken in the last article to which we refer. RTK system This is a more accurate GPS that allows you to carry out very accurate ground measurements in a better way than using traditional tools.

The drone is an amazing tool. It makes the work of a surveyor easier, it is enough for the person who needs to measure the ground to start the drone, carry out the measurement using special systems and it’s ready. Ground measurement carried out in a very short time and over a larger area because with the use of traditional tools we have to repeat our measurements many times when the field is too big to do it the first time.

FPV drones – What are they? What are they for?

The FPV drone is amazing machines that can reach up to 100 km / h. They achieve such amazing effects thanks to their lightweight construction and high-power rotors. A device called DJI FPV it is a machine that embarrasses self-made drones with its performance.

Such amazing performance means that this drone is used by many people and sometimes even by filmmakers who, through its 4K camera, are placed on the gimbal, decide to change from the old Phantom 3 to this particular model. But actually what can be done with an FPV drone in Italy. As you know, FPV drones are used for racing and this is how we can make money on them. This is a very risky method of earning money, but when we succeed, we can count on a good earnings.

FPV drones are just being introduced, so with the time of FPV drone racing there will be more and more, for now, we just need to observe the technological progress that is happening before our eyes.

Filming with a drone – The most popular way to use a drone professionally.

Filming is the most popular way to professionally use a drone to earn money. People who practice this profession most often use DJI Phantom drones.

These drones have the best value for money, have many functions and a fantastic camera is placed on the gimbal which guarantees a very stable image and the ability to rotate the camera. We can record concerts, weddings, mass events or other gatherings of people. It all depends on the type of our order.

Remember that for recording a large number of people with a drone in one place, we must have a license and a registered drone, otherwise we may get a financial penalty.

More and more people are starting to use their device to earn money, but as a new drone user who wants to use it professionally, we should consider another option. It is unprofitable because people who have good opinions in this business will not let us break through.


Drones have changed over the years. From ordinary devices with rotors controlled by a controller, they turned into machines with enormous possibilities.

They can be used in a wide variety of fields, from filming to scientific research. There are also people who fly drones with passion. I like to do it.
There are many users of drones.

They have different preferences, some want to do it because they like it and some want to earn money on it. In Italy, the law has changed in recent years, which makes it difficult for many people to pilot a drone due to numerous restrictions on flight altitude and places where we can fly.

But even such a restrictive law does not stop drone enthusiasts from doing what they like. Drones will develop even more and in Italy you can see that you can use drones to facilitate everyday activities

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